Heaven Closing In is a book of poetry birthed from a life radically transformed by encountering God. It’s both a story of redemption and a story of exploration, that is, an exploration of who God is, and what it means to be His. This book comes from a history of a real relationship and all that comes with it, from grueling heart cries of repentance and yearning to bold declarations of praise and strength, from psalms of peace, awe and wonder, to intense expressions of pure, overwhelming power and love.



Wow, loved the book!! Wonderful inspiration and poetry. Very well written and inspired poetry. Really loved it. Hope to see more in the future.

~ Roge, Amazon customer


After years of internal torment, Joshua Friedman found himself hopeless, tired of life, and alone. He cried out to a God he had only ever heard about: “God, I don’t care what You do with this life anymore. Just take me and use me so that others don’t have to experience this pain.” And immediately, all the hatred and pain that had welled up in his heart for years lifted, like a blanket, from him and an indescribable peace overwhelmed him. His life was changed forever.


The Orphan’s Home

We try so hard, don't we? And we can get so worried about so many things. We spend all our life trying to “pave our way” or “making something of ourselves.” We strive from childhood until we're old and gray, and why? Some seek peace. Some just want to be...

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Love Leaves Its Mark

Love. It's a lot bigger than four letters. There's hardly anything spoken of more, yet so misunderstood. The heart-broken and bitter say, “Love is something everybody says before they hurt you and desert you, so they can feel better about it. It's...

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If I were to talk about worship, you'd probably think about singing songs to God. And while that's one way we can worship, it's certainly not what worship is. Worship, at its core, is a life of surrender. The first time the word “worship" is used in the...

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