After years of internal torment, Joshua Friedman found himself hopeless, tired of life, and alone. He cried out to a God he had only ever heard about: “God, I don’t care what You do with this life anymore. Just take me and use me so that others don’t have to experience this pain.” And immediately, all the hatred and pain that had welled up in his heart for years lifted, like a blanket, from him and an indescribable peace overwhelmed him. His life was changed forever

Four years later, after searching for the same fulfillment through many philosophies and world religions, he found himself with nothing, desperate, and longing for truth and purpose. After reading the Bible one day, the Lord revealed Himself to Joshua in a vision: As Joshua, on his knees, beheld the living God in terror, everything he thought he knew shattered instantly. Knowing he had willfully rejected Jesus all his life until this point, he had an awareness of the condemnation he deserved. Joshua expected Him to say something like “I never knew you. Depart from Me,” at any moment. Instead, he saw Jesus stand with open arms toward him, full of love and mercy, as if saying, “Come.” His life had been changed forever. Again. He now lives as a son of God, redeemed and in love with Jesus, committed to bringing the world into his love

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