Heaven Closing In is a book of poetry birthed from a life radically transformed by encountering God. It’s both a story of redemption and a story of exploration, that is, an exploration of who God is, and what it means to be His. This book comes from a history of a real relationship and all that comes with it, from grueling heart cries of repentance and yearning to bold declarations of praise and strength, from psalms of peace, awe and wonder, to intense expressions of pure, overwhelming power and love.

It’s meant to introduce those in darkness to God’s light, to show the hopeless the God of Hope, to give the weak strength, to give the heavy-burdened peace, and to open hearts to receive God’s love. Psalm 34:8 says “O taste and see that the LORD is good”. Heaven closing In is meant to give the reader a taste of His goodness, and the riches of a new life in Him. So, come, “taste and see!”


1.  Come (pg. 71)

How long I’ve prayed
That He draw close
How long I’ve called Him near
How long I’ve cried with open arms
In streams of burning tears
Screaming “Do not walk away from me,
Turn and show Your servant pity!”
My Lord replied,
“I walk unto My Father’s house;
If you love Me,
Leave with Me.”

2.  By His Command (pg. 86)

When I knock, the door is opened;
All I ever was dissolves
And I’m pulled
Beyond the door to search
Inside the temple walls
There’s a trembling in the silence
Closing like the pounding of a drum
The Voice of God consumes me
Until all I hear is “Come”

3.  The Hiding Place (pg.87-8)

I never knew what freedom was
Until my knees
Gave way before You
I never knew of love,
But now,
My burning eyes behold You

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